B3S14 SNOWPLOW - Swiveling hydraulic plow

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Snow plow designed to fit trucks with GWV > 100 quintals and agricultural tractors with a horsepower category range larger than  90 hp and weight  range > 45 quintals.

Plow completely made of high-strength steel and equipped with quick hitch system according to the DIN 76060/A standards. 

The front blade is made of N. 3 independent sectors. Retaining mechanical system (retaining mechanical hooks) to maintain the blade in vertical position during normal snow clearing operations. Central mechanical system that enables a transverse pitch angle of + 5°. 

Painted with special anti-rust treatment and final paint RAL 2011 (orange). Overpressure valve in case of side impact, R2 pipes with fittings and unified quick couplings.

Mode of operation

Hydraulically driven, through hydraulic cylinders for the left/right tilt movements and lifting/lowering procedures.

Power supply

24 Volt electro-hydraulic power unit installed, on request (optional), on the snowplow. As an alternative option, a special hydraulic system installed on the vehicle (one or two double-effect distributors required, one with a floating position).

Handling settings

Control of the plow by means of the electric push-button panel, with cable of appropriate length, and of the electro-hydraulic unit. 

Accessories: standard version

Warning poles, parking legs, overpressure valve on the right/left tilt circuit and steel wear resistant cutting edge, adjustable slides in Neoprene, shock-absorbing system thanks to the steel connecting rods and to the lower bumpers, parking legs, n° 2 left/right tilt cylinders and n° 1 lifting cylinder DIN 76060 A (Group 5) attachment plate.

Optional features

LED side-marker lights, rubber splashguard bolted on the upper side of the blade, PVC tarpaulin cover with adjustable support, pair of jointed wheels, 24V electro-hydraulic power unit equipped with cable and push-button panel, rubber side fenders, pair of supplementary lights.

For further information on the B3S14 snowplow - swiveling hydraulic plow and for a custom-made offer do not hesitate to directly contact us or fill the "Contact" form on this page!

CodeModelWeight (kg)Width (mt)Height (mt): center / sideWorking width (mt)
5030900 B3S14/28  (3 sectors) 1100  2,80 1,07 1,20 2,30
5030890 B3S14/30  (3 sectors) 1150  3,00 1,07 1,20 2,45
5030880 B3S14/33  (3 sectors) 1200  3,30 1,07 1,20 2,70
5030920 B3S14/36  (4 sectors) 1250  3,60 1,07 1,20 2,95
5030930 B3S14/40  (4 sectors) 1300  4,00 1,07 1,20 3,28



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