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Certified equipment for winter road maintenance

The quality of the Snow Service production process is certified according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. All the range of our road equipment is certified in the field of design, manufacture and service maintenance of snowplows, salt spreaders, V-plows, spreaders. 

The quality of the production process we offer is proven not only by our experience and by our long-term loyalty customers, but also by continuous assessments carried out by accredited certifications bodies. TUV SÜD is a global provider of auditing and certification services and it is the accredited body that certifies that Snow Service meets the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9000 standard for its whole range of certified products for the winter road maintenance. The TUV SUD provides a quality management framework demonstrating that Snow Service has taken due care to maintain high standards of quality, analysing the activities of the company and the needs on the customers. 

What does “being certified for the equipment for the winter road maintenance” mean? 

The term "to certify" comes from the Latin certum facere, which means "to make certain, evident". The certification is the declaration of a third party (i.e. not tied to the vendor or purchaser) that the product supplied or the quality system of the supplier conform to certain rules, in the case of the quality system the reference standards are those of the ISO 9000 family as transposed in Italy UNI EN ISO 9000. By setting your own business using the criteria described in the reference standards, companies can reasonably assure customers that its products or services reach a certain level of quality and above all who are able to maintain it over time, with a constant commitment to improvement and keeping in mind the customer's needs.

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products in compliance with the international standards offering certified equipment for the winter road maintenance

Since 2011, in fact, we have implemented and maintained an active quality management system in compliance with the standard ISO 9001: 2008, applying in all business processes, from the production cycle to the maintenance service, the criteria necessary to obtain certifications for road machines.

The goal of ISO 9001 is indeed to ensure that the product provided by the company complies with quality requirements determined by a careful examination of the implicit and explicit expectations of customers: our work is based on the strong belief that a satisfied customer represents the most important evidence of an excellent service.

For the design, the production and the maintenance service of snowplows and salt spreaders and also, for a wide range of certified road maintenance equipment do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to assist you. You can count on Snow Service, on our reliability in order to have high-quality products!

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