SRA-2020 -  Snow plows for trucks

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SRA 2020 is a snow plow for trucks with GVW > 100 quintals and agricultural tractors with power greater than 90 hp and weight > 45 quintals.

The snow plow equipment is constructed entirely of steel with high mechanical characteristics, with a quick coupling counter-plate compliant with the DIN 76060 A/B – Gr. 3/5 Regulation. It features a one-piece front aileron with wear-resistant steel scraper blade. The anti-shock system consists of a pair of hydraulic cylinders intended for moving the aileron forwards/backwards (IMPALING), connected to a nitrogen accumulator, or alternatively via compression springs.

The central mechanical system of the SRA 2020 truck snow plow blade, which allows a transverse pitch angle of + 5°, allows automatic horizontal locking of the raised blade during transfer. Oven painted, with special anti-rust treatment and RAL 2011 (orange) final enamel.

Overpressure valve to cushion lateral impacts, R2 pipes with fittings and unified quick couplings characterize this snowplough for trucks.

Operation of the SRA 2020 snow plow

Hydraulic, with hydraulic cylinders for right/left inclination and lifting/lowering, as well as two cylinders for forward/backward movement of the blade (IMPALING) - optional.

Energy sources

24 Volt electro-hydraulic control unit that can be installed, on request (optional), on the snow clearing tool. Alternatively, a special hydraulic system installed on the pushing vehicle (3 double-acting distributors are required, one of which has a floating position).

Commands for movement

Electric control panel, with cable of adequate length, combined with the electro-hydraulic control unit. Alternatively, controls already present on the vehicle if equipped with a specific hydraulic system (e.g. agricultural tractor).

Accessories: Basic version of the 2020 SRA truck snowplough

Front aileron (low, always add the curved riser), signal rods, parking feet, overpressure valve on the right/left inclination circuit, DIN A/B connection, 2 hydraulic cylinders for blade orientation and 1 hydraulic cylinder for blade lifting/lowering.

Accessories to choose from: basic version

Curved riser for the H 930mm and H 1100 mm versions or “V” shaped riser for the H 1100mm and H 1400mm versions, shockproof system via variable impaling (hydraulic cylinders) and nitrogen accumulator or shockproof system via compression springs, steel/hardox knives 400 or in Neoprene, lower bumpers between knife and aileron.


Hydraulic insertion of second Vulkollan knife, rubber splash guard on curved riser, LED clearance lights, pair of additional work lights (position, high beam, low beam, pair of height-adjustable slides, pair of pivoting and height-adjustable articulated wheels, electro-hydraulic control unit 24V + push-button panel with floating system (for insertion of the Vulkollan/impaling knife - 6+1 functions), 24V electro-hydraulic control unit + push-button control for 4+1 functions, bipolar cable for connection to the battery (vehicle side), blank plate DIN 76060 A/ B (Gr. 3/5), rubber side ears (1 right + 1 left), manual parking feet mounted on the counterplate, hydraulic parking feet mounted on the counterplate.

To request more information on our range of SRA 2020 snow plows for trucks, please contact us by phone or using the form on the side.


Code Model Curved upper extension - H. 930 (mm) / H. 1100 (mm) “V” Shaped upper extension- H. 1100 (mm) / H. 1400 (mm) Width (mt) Working width (mt)
5031340 SRA 2020 - 270 700 / 770 780 / 810 270 2,300
5031350 SRA 2020 - 300 740 / 810 820 / 850 300 2,494
5031360 SRA 2020 - 330 780 / 850 860 / 890 330 2,700
5031370 SRA 2020 - 360 820 / 890 900 / 930 360 2,950
5031380 SRA 2020 - 400 960 / 930 940 / 970 400 3,300

N.B. Weight with control unit + 100 kg. Weight with 2nd Vulkollan cutting edge + 120 kg.


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