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SNOW SERVICE: company specialized in the production of snowplows and salt spreaders

SNOW SERVICE, with head office in Piumazzo, province of Modena was founded in November 2011, but the experience of its managers in the production and the design of road winter service machines and snow removal equipment dates long before. However, while initially Snow Service was producing only winter service equipment (snowplows and salt spreaders) nowadays the company has expanded its research field to equipment and devices for the sustainable regeneration of urban areas, creating the new MunicipalTech brand. 

Snow Service has a total indoor area of 2300 square meters, divided into 2 production areas duly equipped for the operative function and another 2800 square meters of outdoor area for the warehouse.



With the collaboration of a qualified and experienced staff team in the field, the Company provides and market a complete range of winter service machines and equipment (snowplows and spreaders) all over the world. The design of the equipment realized by Snow Service is entirely done by the internal technical department supported by advanced 3D CAD software tools. Engineering and innovation for the design of snowplows and salt spreaders s are the main principles that guide our single projects.

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We design and manufacture snowplows and salt spreaders paying high attention to the needs of our customers realizing therefore effective customized solutions that optimize the working processes of our customers, and to the reduction of maintenance working costs.

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The entire range of our snowplows and salt spreaders is designed to meet the specific demands of every single customer. All this is possible thanks to our highly qualified engineers, to our innovative vision, to the deep knowledge of every material we use, to the expertise of our staff and to the possibility of working with specialized companies from our area. Our mission is to be recognised as the Italian provider offering the highest quality. 

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All our products are efficient and reliable in time: Certifications prove the high-quality level of the Snow Service equipment. All our range of equipment is checked and tested in compliance with the directives of the procedures described in ISO 9001.

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After-sales assistance

Our company is always available to satisfy all customers’ requests and needs. Snow Service offers an accurate after-sale assistance service, available 24 hours a day by telephone, email, fax, supported by a team of highly skilled, reliable technicians.

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance

We offer:

  • Routine and planned maintenance cycles, repairs, equipment inspections and controls of all snowplows’ ranges and salt spreaders. Supply of all the necessary spare parts for the fixing up of the equipment. 
  • Extraordinary maintenance for the whole range of snowplows and salt spreaders

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Workshop trucks and Deans

We own several well-equipped trucks that we use in case of emergency operations. We also have a large range of authorized dealers in Italy and all around the world. 

 For more information regarding our range of snowplows and salt spreaders do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be at your disposal for any kind of counseling you may need. 

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