Assistance and maintenance on Snow Service machines

Snowplow and spreader routine maintenance

The longstanding experience of our team of highly specialized technicians allows us to provide a quality maintenance service for the wide range of our snow removal equipment: snowplows, salt spreaders and snow blowers of all brands and types. 

Each general routine maintenance cycle of salt spreaders, snowplows and snow removing equipment is carried out by qualified staff. Snow Service, provides for every single sold or rented equipment the technical sheet and the use and maintenance manual that has to be carefully read before using the machines.

Entrust the maintenance of your equipment to a specialist: to Snow Service and its authorized service centers.  The comfort and the advantages of the right choice:

  • Preserves over time the value of the equipment;
  • Provides added value to equipment in case of resale;
  • Ensures the safety of the worker, the person: fundamental value, first of all.

Snow Service customer service performs and provides the following services for the general routine maintenance of snowplows, salt spreaders and snow removal equipment:

  1. Free site inspections to check the status of the equipment;
  2. Storage of the equipment at the end of the winter season with the drafting of evaluation sheets
  3. General routine maintenance of equipment: washing, greasing, functional tests, engine inspection, checking of the chains, check of all the security systems supplied with the equipment, application of corrosive inhibitors. 

For the general routine maintenance of salt spreaders, snowplows and snow removing equipment at the end of the winter season, when the equipment has to be parked until the beginning of the new snowing season, is highly recommended to carry out a correct washing cycle and follow all the instructions for an accurate routine maintenance service indicated in the use and maintenance manual. 

The routine maintenance of the snow removing equipment is a periodic check of the product in order to restore and reactivate its maximum mechanical efficiency, accordingly to its overall state of wear. Carry out periodic routine maintenance of snowplows and spreaders. It serves to prevent, but not to avoid failures and malfunctions due to the significant deterioration, requiring extraordinary maintenance. The type of checks and their frequency depends on the equipment and are listed in the use and maintenance manual of the equipment, provided at the time of the sale / rental.

In order to prove that the routine maintenance checks have been performed, the user company must provide a  record of:

  • the regular operating checks of the spreaders before the winter season indicating what routine maintenance operations and tests have been carried out (e.g. start-up/run the salt spreaders, test the lighting system: position lights, clearance lights, turn signals, license plate light, work light, flashing light) and the result of the tests;
  • the checks carried out at the end of the winter and summer seasons, prior to storage of the equipment, detailing the operations undertaken and how the tests were carried out.

To carry out routine maintenance of snowplows, salt spreader etc. and to ensure the best efficiency of the equipment, please contact Snow Service!



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