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Customer support - snowplows

Our longstanding experience allows us to provide an accurate after-sales assistance service for snowplows, salt spreaders and for the entire range of snow removing equipment designed by Snow Service.

A large spare-part inventory, and a highly efficiency in supplying the spare parts allow us to provide the best assistance service in the shortest possible time.

To deliver full-service customer support, we must be ready to intervene whenever and wherever you need us.

To achieve that, we have a comprehensive set of resources in place: an accurate after-sales assistance service, available 24 hours a day by telephone, email, fax, supported by a team of highly skilled, reliable technicians, who can solve problems that do not involve transferring your equipment to a workshop.

For more complex problems that cannot be solved by telephone or by actuating normal standard service procedures and depending on the type of equipment and on the kind of problem, you can contact one of our technical assistant desks for an appointment: we have a wide partner workshop network of authorized service centers both nationwide and worldwide that can manage all kind of maintenance services for snowplows, salt spreaders and for the whole range of snow removing equipment. 

Our mobile workshop trucks, fully equipped to deal with any kind of “emergency”, are also ready to intervene at short notice, 24/7, along the whole route, so that your equipment is in the best possible hands when you ask for maintenance and repair. Snow Service warranty,  for the purchased snowplows, spreaders and snow removing equipment runs for a period of two (2) years after the date of original purchase for private end-users, and for  a period of one (1) year after the date of original purchase for companies or VAT professional category.

The warranty complies with the standards of the artt. 128 ss. d.lgs. n. 206/2005.

The warranty offered by the producer is granted according clauses described and indicated by the producer for products with conformity defects: in this case Snow Service will provide the repair or the replacement of the product/spare part. The replacement will be carried out if the equipment cannot be repaired or if the repair costs are too expensive. 

The warranty for snowplows and spreaders includes complete coverage of the repair/replacement service work: without charge, including labor costs. Snow Service's obligation hereunder shall be limited to such repair or replacement, provided that the purchaser of the equipment has followed the procedure for obtaining warranty performance set forth below.

In case of emergency do not hesitate to contact us. We will be ready to intervene! An accurate after-sales assistance service for plows and snow removing equipment is available 24 hours a day by telephone, email, fax!



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