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Spreaders: electrical spreaders and hydraulic spreaders

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Snow Service is specialized in the design and manufacturing of snowplows and snow removal equipment for all kinds of vehicles and machines. Our internal specialized technical team, highly qualified in using 3D CAD software tools for the design of customized special equipment and machines, develop new solutions to best meet your project needs.

All our products (plows, spreaders, filler spreaders) are reliable efficient and long-lasting as manufactured with the best materials and designed by a team of specialized technicians. The wide range of spreaders designed and manufactured by Snow Service includes the following products:





  • ALASKA SPREADER: spreader designed to fit trucks with GVW ranging from 60 to 180 quintals. Two versions available:  1°) completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel; 2°) with hopper made of Fe 420. Frame, spreading tail, spreading disc, protection for the AISI 304 stainless steel conveyor belt. All versions are equipped with an AISI 316 stainless steel honeycomb conveyor belt, or as an alternative option, with a rubber belt or a double auger system. Hydraulic gearmotor to start up the salt traction system and orbital hydraulic motor to start up the spreading disc.
  • K2 SPREADERSelf-loading spreader for agricultural tractors, wheel loaders, operating machines. The standard version is equipped with: 3-point hitch attachment, screening grid, parking legs, rear flashing lights and work light, n. 6 pipes with unified quick couplings. The version with optional features is hydraulically driven through the hydraulic power system installed on the vehicle. 
  • NEVADA 500/800 SPREADER: electric spreader designed to fit pick-ups, small trucks and similar. Electrically driven through connection to the battery of the vehicle 12V/24V. 
  • SPR 400 SPREADER: STAINLESS STEEL salt spreader designed to fit trucks with GVW equal or lower than 60 quintals. Hydraulically driven, by means of a purpose-built system on the vehicle, or, as an alternative option through the hydraulic system actuated by the auxiliary engine installed on the salt spreader. 

All our SPR spreaders are equipped with a metal conveyor belt in AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL with a specific shape and made of AISI 316 stainless steel curved links connected by pivots. This particular shape of the conveyor chain allows the transfer of the material into the hoper and a constant traction of the salt/sand/grit/ mixed material thus providing an even spreading. 

What are the advantages of a spreader equipped with this type of system? 

During the transfer/traction into the hopper, independently of the wetness level of the material and thanks to the links of the chain, the conveyor belt turns over the material assuring a constant and even spreading in time. 

  • The high efficiency of the transportation system of the conveyor belt is so elevated that it can exclude the need of a crusher shaft inside the hopper. 
  • The metal conveyor belt can be used with any kind of material (salt, sand, grit, mixed material) no matter of the conditions of the material 
  • The conveyor belt is completely made of AISI 316 stainless steel, being resistant to salt corrosion. 
  • 10 years warranty for the metal conveyor belt.
  • Long service life and minimum maintenance.
  • In case of breakage or damage the metal conveyor belt can be easily and quickly replaced and fixed. 

Our company is always available to satisfy all customers’ requests and needs for the products above listed for the winter road maintenance and for the products for the summer road maintenance. 

All our products are efficient and reliable in time. Snow Service offers routine and extraordinary maintenance services for snowplows, spreaders, snow blowers and all the range of equipment for the winter road maintenance, with relative supply of spare parts needed for repairs, both for private and public customers; public bodies such as: Anas compartments, Autostrade SPA, municipalities, provinces and mountain communities. Moreover, Snow Service offers an accurate after-sale assistance service, available 24 hours a day by telephone, email, fax, supported by a team of highly skilled, reliable technicians.

For further information on the range of salt spreaders for a custom-made offer do not hesitate to directly contact us!



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