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Custom Designed Equipment and Machinery

Our internal specialized technical team, highly qualified in using 3D CAD software tools for the design of customised special equipment and machines, develop new solutions to best meet your project needs. Every single project is based on the fundamental principles of innovation and customized engineering. 

At the beginning Snow Service was founded as manufacturer of custom-made snow removal equipment for the winter road conditions with its range of products that include snowplows, salt spreaders, plows, but over the time it has expanded its field of research to the production of equipment for the requalification of urban areas and measures of environmental improvement, creating the Municipal Tech brand. We design salt spreaders, snowploughs, plows and we can carry out changes to the various types of special customized equipment for the winter road conditions according to required specifications.

We are competitive on the market as we have always invested in the research, in a team of qualified employees, and had as a main goal meeting the needs of every customer in a timely manner. Snow Service offers custom-made solutions and a high-standard customer service for the realisation of special customized equipment and machinery thanks to our highly qualified technical department and to the sophisticated 3D CAD software tools in use. 

The benefits of a tailor-made service are numerous and are very important for all the companies in search of new and competitive projects, unique customized projects. Therefore, the design of special customized equipment with the aid of 3D CAD software tools allows us to focus on the overall result rather than on the detail, greatly reducing the waste of resources. All this consent saving time and achieving the desired result, with all the necessary changes that had to be made to the equipment designed for the winter road conditions, making it suitable to meet any specific demands. 

Our company can boast a considerable experience in the design of special customized equipment and machinery and not only: we are ready to take on new and difficult challenges.  The whole production process is carried out in an area of 2500 square meters: from the 3D design to the cutting process of the raw material, carpentry, painting, assembly and testing, and finally to the storage in an open area of 4000 square meters.

We can deal with any kind of project, even the more complex ones: from the concept to 3D design using CAD; from feasibility to planning; from the selection of the materials to the structural calculations. In addition to this, we make sure that, even after sale, the product is effective and durable over time. We at Snow Service follow the whole life of our special customized machines, offering an efficient after sale service and maintenance.

The drawings of the parts of all equipment are property of the company.

All our special customized machines, as well as the equipment designed for the urban renewal and manufactured by Snow Service, are monitored and tested, before delivery, in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards, and are delivered with a user manual and maintenance, a spare parts catalogue and an “EC" declaration of conformity.

We design and manufacture special customized machines and solutions: snowplows, V-plows, salt spreaders.



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