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Snowplows and spreaders rentals

Snow Service, in addition to designing and manufacturing a wide range of winter road maintenance equipment, also supply snowplows and spreaders rental services.

We offer a  fleet of full stainless steel salt spreaders of different volumetric dimension designed to carry out salt spreading services for all types of road maintenance. 

Our main customers are: public administrations, roads and highways maintenance companies, construction and agricultural enterprises that operate as contractors for the winter maintenance service or for the sustainable regeneration of urban areas. 

The rental service can be set up as a "lease" contract.  A lease is a contract outlining the terms under which one party agrees to rent property owned by another party. It guarantees use of an asset and sets regular payments for a specified period in exchange. There are two types of rental services: “hot rental service” – when not only the equipment is rented but also the personnel qualified to use it, “cold rental service” – only the equipment is rented. 

Snow Service offers only “cold rental service” as we supply the equipment (snowplows and spreaders) without the qualified personnel.

The following services are included in the price of the plows and spreaders rental contracts:

  • insurance, road worthiness test of the equipment, wear materials/parts;
  • CE certification.
  • Use and maintenance manual;
  • Installation of the equipment.

Except for normal wear and tear due to normal everyday use, the vehicle must be returned in the same conditions as when it was delivered.

For further information on  the snowplows and spreaders rental services and for a custom-made offer do not hesitate to directly contact us or fill the "Contact" form on this page!



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