ASPEN electric salt spreader - Electric salt sprader for small-sized vehicles

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ASPEN is an electric salt spreader for small-sized vehicles with GVWR up to 3.5 t, for forklifts, cars and pick-ups. The salt spreader is of the highest quality, made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel.

The ASPEN electric salt spreader is equipped with an electrically-operated internal hopper stirrer, a spinner with adjustable vanes, a convenient control and emergency push-button panel, and much more.

How does ASPEN electric salt spreader work?

Operation is fully electric via connection to the vehicle’s 12V battery (24V operation on request).

Snow Service solutions for electric salt spreaders for small vehicles

ASPEN is available in versions with 125, 150 and 220 litre capacity.

The basic version of the ASPEN electric salt spreader is fully equipped, including:

  • Crusher shaft / electrically-operated internal hopper stirrer 
  • Electric actuator to turn spreading on/off (open/close hopper shutter) 
  • Inner hopper
  • Spinner with adjustable bolt-on vanes 
  • Parking feet
  • Battery connection wiring kit and clamps for vehicle attachment
  • Shutter to adjust spreading quantity
  • Control push-button panel with potentiometer to regulate spreading quantity and width 
  • Tarpaulin

The following optionals are also available:

  • Agricultural tractor top link hitch
  • Tailgate hitch (pick-up or truck)
  • ATV hitch
  • Forklift hitch
  • Pivoting wheels for parking feet in order to move and position the salt spreader to hitch or unhitch it from the vehicle


We focus on adapting our products to your vehicle, reducing the need for maintenance and customising our services. For special requirements, our equipment can be adapted to suit your needs.

For more information related to ASPEN electric salt spreader, you can call us or contact us via the form in the Contacts section of our webiste in this page.

Model A
Weight (kg)
ASPEN 125 548 570 1120 94
ASPEN 150 700 570 1120 104
ASPEN 220 700 570 1400 120


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