X - STORM - COVID-19 road decontamination, sanitizing and dust suppression equipment designed for large sized vehicles

foto sistemi di sanificazione snow service 001The STORM systems can be installed on any type of truck with the right loading capacity of medium and large sized trucks, being completely independent and especially designed for the range of COVID-19 road decontamination, sanitizing and dust suppression.

A blending system is also available – this system enables to spray/blow to the ground or in the atmosphere air particles and, for example, compounds and mixtures such as the hydrogen peroxide, the sodium hypo-chlorite or some other liquid substance suitable to ensure the disinfection in the infected areas.

The main features of the X-STORM equipment include:

  • Chassis made of high-quality metal structure designed to fit every kind of truck
  • Tank capacity 650 L for substances equipped with a liquid transfer hydraulic pump to the H2O tanks
  • Stainless steel protection engine box with access doors in order to guarantee maintenance cycles
  • Engine diesel 3-cylinder, 35CP, 12V liquid-cooled engine with alternator
  • Independent hydraulic system made of:
    • n.3 hydraulic pumps with variable flow rate
    • 200 litres oil tank equipped with a heat exchanger
    • n. 3 electro-hydraulic blocks with proportional valves to inspect the equipment
  • Inspection ladder to the technical area
  • Water pump 20BAR-180l / min equipped with pressure regulator
  • Stainless steel nebulizer cannon diameter 850 mm, length 1687 mm equipped with metal ferrule with 40 nebulising nozzles
  • Cannon mounted on 180-degree rotary hydraulic support
  • Double effect hydraulic cylinder for 80-degree vertical actuation
  • Foldable and adjustable in height rear bar equipped with interchangeable stainless steel swivelling spraying nozzles
  • Washing spear equipped with manual hose reel and drum 20m
  • N. 2 rear work lights installed on the cannon
  • N. 2 rear flashing lights
  • Push-button panel with cable 1.5 meters to be installed in the cabin
  • Control box in cabin for emergency controls
CodeModel Weight (Empty)
5041102 X-STORM 1500
5680380 Roll-off frame with tank capacity 4000 lt
5680390 Roll-off frame with tank capacity 5000 lt
5680400 Roll-off frame with tank capacity 6000 lt
5680410 Roll-off frame with tank capacity 8000 lt

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