S - STORM – COVID-19 road decontamination, sanitizing and dust suppression equipment designed for small and medium sized vehicles

foto sistemi di sanificazione municipaltech 001The S-STORM systems can be installed on any type of truck with the right loading capacity, being completely independent as driven by their own auxiliary engine. The equipment is especially designed for the range of COVID-19 road decontamination, sanitizing and dust suppression.

A blending system is also available – this system enables to spray/blow to the ground or in the atmosphere air particles and, for example, compounds and mixtures such as the hydrogen peroxide, the sodium hypo-chlorite or some other liquid substance suitable to ensure the disinfection in the infected areas.

The S-STORM road decontamination, sanitizing and dust suppression equipment is made up of:

  • Tank: made in PPL, with a capacity ranging from 500 lt to 4000 lt.
  • Frame: steel frame equipped with parking legs to load the equipment on the platform of the truck
  • Engine: petrol auxiliary engine manually operated
  • Pump: membrane pump, pressure 40 bar and flow 40 L/min and pressure regulator
  • Hose reel: manual hose reel complete of 20 mt of pipe and “gun” type lance equipped with frequency modulation of the water jet/nebulized jet
  • 2° Lance: lance for disinfection complete of 10 mt of pipe
  • Nebulizer system: rear nebulization system through a specific high-pressure swivelling nozzle installed on a foldable and adjustable in height support
  • Filling process: rear manual valve with UNI/STORZ coupling for the filling/emptying process of the tank.
CodeModelABC Weight (Empty)
5041120 S-STORM 500 1152 1580 1000/1400 250
5041110 S-STORM 1000 1152 1650 1000/1400 300
5041090 S-STORM 1500 1152/1400 1920 1000/1400 350
5041100 S-STORM 2000 1152/1500 2500 1000/1400 450
5041103 S-STORM 3000 1152/1600 2800 1000/1400 500

N.B. The dimensions of the equipment can be modified according to the specific requests of the customer.


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