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Ordinary Maintenance

The long experience of our staff allows us to carry out important maintenance work on all our equipment: snow plows, salt spreaders, snow cutters of all brands and types, road sweepers, tunnel wash booms.

Each check and routine maintenance of salt spreaders, snowploughs, sweepers, lavatunnel arms is carried out by specialized personnel. Recall that Snow Service, following the sale or rental of its equipment, prepares the technical file and the booklet for use and maintenance to be consulted by the employee before using the machines.

Entrusts the maintenance of your equipment to those who know best: the Snow Service Support Centers. The tranquility has its advantages:

  • Preserves over time the value of the equipment;
  • Provides added value to equipment in case of resale;
  • Ensures the safety of the worker, the person: the fundamental value, first of all.

Our maintenance service for snowploughs, salt spreaders and all other our equipment provides the following services:

  1. free site inspections to verify the status of the equipment;
  2. Storage of equipment at the end of the winter season with the drafting of evaluation boards.
  3. Routine maintenance of equipment: washing, greasing, functional testing, cutting motor, control and eventual tape tension control of all the security apparatuses present on equipment, corrosion protection application.

In case of routine maintenance of salt spreaders and snowploughs, once the winter season is off isa good idea, for better conservation of resources, to perform a thorough cleaning and routine maintenance as per the instruction manual before parking the vehicle in the area of competence.

Routine maintenance is a periodic check of the components of a means and is aimed at restoring the maximum mechanical efficiency, compatibly with the overall state of wear. Carry out periodic routine maintenance of snowploughs, spreaders, sweepers etc. It serves to prevent, but not to prevent failures and malfunctions due to the significant deterioration, requiring extraordinary maintenance. The type of interventions and their frequency depends on the equipment and are listed in its use and maintenance manual, provided at the time of the sale / rental.

In order to demonstrate that they have performed the routine maintenance of the equipment, the user company must establish a register in which a record of:
- The smooth operation of controls salt spreaders before the season
Winter detailing the routine maintenance operations and tests
commissioning (eg. setting in motion the salt spreaders, test run
plant bright: taillights, clearance lights, turn signals, tail lamp, working lighthouse,
blinking) and the outcome thereof;
- The checks carried out at the end of the winter and summer seasons, prior to storage of the equipment, detailing the operations conducted and the Implementing Rules.

To carry out routine maintenance of snowploughs, salt spreader etc.. and to ensure the best efficiency of the vehicle, please contact Snow Service!

Maintenance and service

Maintenance and service

You do not know who to turn to perform maintenance of your snowplough?


Machines for summer road maintenance

Machines for summer road maintenance

Snow Service designs and manufactures machines for summer road maintenance customizable according to specific requests.


Machines for winter road maintenance equipments for winter road maintenance

Machines for winter road maintenance

Snow Service designs and builds machines for winter road maintenance customizable according to specific requests.


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