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Direct Assistance

The long experience of the staff allow us to provide a good after-sales service for spreaders, snow ploughs and any other equipments. We provide service for: snowploughs, salt spreaders, snow blowers, multi-purpose water modules, New Jersey washing systems, sweepers, tunnel wash booms.

We have a very assorted spare parts warehouse and in case of emergency we can intervene by arranging the necessary minimum time guaranteeing best service assistance snow ploughs, spreaders, etc.

We have many mobile workshop trucks that can promptly intervene in cases of emergency. In addition, we have a wide network of authorized workshops located throughout the national territory and in many European and non-European countries, which allows us to stay close to our customers in any situation and for every need.

In case you need technical assistance for snowploughs, salt spreaders and other equipment, you can contact us 24 hours through phone / email / fax: answer a technician that will be able to satisfy your needs.

Some issues, simple or complex, are often easily resolved through a phone call support provided by our skilled technicians. Instead, for more complex problems that cannot be resolved with simple communication and normal verification operation by the user, depending on the type of product and the nature of the problem, you can go to one of our authorized service centers, the one nearest you. We can instead also send one of our mobile workshop vehicles , equipped with everything you need to fix the problem.
Sold equipment are covered by the warranty of both the seller and the conventional manufacturer. The guarantee from the seller provides a legal cover for 24 months from the date of purchase document to private consumers; 12 months to professionals and companies with a VAT. Warranty service for spreaders, snow and all other equipment covering any lack of conformity, in accordance with articles. 128 ss. Legislative Decree. n. 206/2005.

The manufacturer's standard warranty, however, is provided in the manner described by the manufacturer.

The warranty applies to snowplough, and all other products that present a lack of conformity: in this case, the workshop will restore the same by repair. Or will replace, in the event that the equipment is not repairable or in case of repair involves too high costs, such as not to justify the execution.

Warranty service for snowploughs, salt spreader etc.. fully cover the entire operation, from components replacing until the labor and other ancillary costs.

In an emergency, we Snow Service are ready to help you! Our support for Snow and assistance service for spreaders and all our other equipment is available 24 hours : for any problem, please contact us!

Maintenance and service

Maintenance and service

You do not know who to turn to perform maintenance of your snowplough?


Machines for summer road maintenance

Machines for summer road maintenance

Snow Service designs and manufactures machines for summer road maintenance customizable according to specific requests.


Machines for winter road maintenance equipments for winter road maintenance

Machines for winter road maintenance

Snow Service designs and builds machines for winter road maintenance customizable according to specific requests.


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